Thursday, June 5, 2008

May gray takes a break

I think it's ironic that my first post on here carried a negative tone, seeing that I am usually an extremely positive person, to such an extent that I'm sure it annoys many of the more cynical people out there. We all have our days I suppose.

I am feeling light and hopeful, and happy that Obama is the nominee for the Democratic party at long last. It's difficult to see any kind of good coming out of this country's government after the debacle of the past eight years, but one can only hope for what beauty may appear on the horizon after the worst of storms. My mom always offered this tidbit of wisdom when my hope was lost: "It's always darkest before the dawn." If things get darker from this point on, God help us.

Summer school is under way, and WOW am I not cut out for it! My internal clock runs something along the lines of, "Wheee! It's May. . .time to turn of the brain, celebrate another birthday, and go play in the sun!" This time around, things will be different. I am accustomed to having the choice of just taking off and doing the fly-by-pants-seat thing when the mood strikes me. Now my choices are limited to: do I want to start working on this project right now, or tomorrow afternoon once I'm done with a full day at the clinic. Sigh. I have noone to blame but myself :)

It's gorgeous out today, and seeing as I don't have much work to do. . .yet. . .I am going to go soak it it. Happy Thursday!

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